Gulf Air Aircraft Maintenance Technician Vacancies (Apply Now)


o carry out tasks as designated by the Aircraft Lic Maintenance Technician or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to an acceptable standard of workmanship, and in accordance with aircraft approved documents.

To support Gulf Air operation at any network station as required in case of AOG recovery or as necessary.

Main Duties:
1. Work with, and under the direction of the designated A/C Engineers/Lic Technicians to carry out routine tasks and non-routine tasks.

2. Replace components on Company or other operators aircraft and engines as required.

3. Strictly adhere to company staff rules and regulation.

4. Strictly adhere to company safety rules and regulation and to wear proper uniform and safety shoes while on duty.
5. Adhere and comply with aircraft approved maintenance documents instructions when performing any routine tasks and non-routine tasks and acquaint self with all the safety related precautions to avoid personal injuries or damages to aircraft structures and systems.
6. Make sure that all equipments and tools used for aircraft maintenance are in serviceable and safe condition. Report any faulty equipment or tool to Engineer or Duty Manager, unserviceable tool/ equipment must be isolated and attach a with unserviceable tag.
7. Service equipment and aircraft special tools as deemed necessary to maintain them in a serviceable, safe and clean condition.
8. As part of maintenance practice, make sure that all tools used to perfom any routine and non-routine task are registered, to make sure they are removed on task completion.
9. On completion of routine tasks and non-routine tasks, make sure that work area is tidy and free from any loose articles.
10. Assist in positioning and clearing equipment to carry maintenance tasks on aircraft.
11. Make sure that all tools and equipment used are returned to proper location.
12. Perform the headset duties during engine ground runs and aircraft Towing in accordance with company TIM procedures.
13. Adhere to Airside Safety Rules and Regulations in regard to driving and work area cleanliness.
14. Purchase a approved tool kit containing appropriate tools to perform duties on the company and third party fleets.
15. Perform the required duties in accordance with AME and Duty Manager instruction and aircraft approved documentations procedures.
16. Maintain a high level of self discipline and respect his superiors instructions.
17. Become familiar with Gulf Air Information System AMOS and its basic transactions related to this work scope.
It will be advantagious to have 3 to 5 years working as an A/C technician and/or general experience on similar field. An apprenticepship with a reputable Aircraft Maintenance Organiztion shall be an additional advantage.

Must be able to write, read and understand English to be able to understand aircraft approved documentation procedures while performing routine and non-routine tasks on the company fleet during maintenance input.

Position Grade:
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV
2. Qualifications
3. Passport copy

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